Seven women defenders of four rivers of the Magdalena-Cauca macrobasin shared their dreams and struggles in a threeday meeting in Medellín, Colombia

Aiming to amplify and support local voices around river defence, Riverhood co-organized the three-day event “Encuentro de Saberes: Mujeres, Montañas y Ríos”, which took place in Medellín from September 7 to 9, 2023.

This encounter was the launch of the project “Pensar con los ríos la Paz Ambiental: Estrategias comunitarias para la defensa de cuatro ríos de la macrocuenca Magdalena-Cauca en Colombia”, supported by the Colombo-German Institute for Peace and executed with research partners in Colombia.  You can read a short-report of the event here.

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